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Fundraising: What Do We Do??

Besides monetary donations through our donation portal, which are tax-deductible we also have DOG-COOKIE bake sales for our furry friends. The bake sales are usually held at the dog park in Rapid City, S.D. Our gluten-free, fresh, no-preservative cookies are quite popular.

These delicious cookies are NOT for sale commercially but as a bake sale, fundraiser only!

Should you have missed a sale, you can always reach out to us at 605-949-1713 or message us through the website contact form.
We can always deliver to you, too.

In addition, we always welcome items you wish to donate that are sellable through FaceBook Marketplace and Garage Sales. In the past, we have turned into cash, lamps, appliances, kayaks, and more to help our charity help our furry friends.

Please watch for our Fundraisers through GoFundMe.

Bring About Change

In her ongoing effort to bring about change and awareness, Eva has written numerous letters and met with city officials and mayors. Seen here, the mayor of Ineu, Mr. Calin Abrudan, Arad County, Romania where APAI shelter is located.

Only by educating the public and adhering to the laws, betterment can be guaranteed for abandoned animals.

Sterilization and microchipping are the laws in Romania, but they must be complied with. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Speak Up

You can also help if you see something that is not right and contacting your Represented Officials in your city and state.