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Corina’s story – Solace for Strays – Asociatia Patru Labute

Corina and Eva at new plot for Solace for Strays.

I have watched Corina’s efforts thru social media for some time and helped out where I could, financially. We formed a friendship over the internet initially until I had a chance to go see her and her shelter in person. For 3 days I was on a ride-along with her, and I was awestruck by her undying commitment.

Corina’s is a young woman who cares 24/7 for these abused animals. She literally has no private life and is all consumed with the mission to bring about change and awareness, get the injured animals to the veterinarians, organize sterilization campaigns, care for, clean, and feed them in her shelter. She has a couple of hired helpers, but because she cannot pay them a lot, these helpers usually don’t stay on very long and all the burden falls on her.

During her drives, she always has food in her vehicle, along with basic supplies to take on an injured dog or cat. Keep in mind that often the authorities penalize citizens that feed stray dogs. Corina’s love for animals, especially dogs and cats is unsurpassable. One time, when she found an injured dog along the street, she hitch-hiked with him through 3 villages to get him to a veterinarian, because she didn’t have a car at that time.

There are nearly 400 dogs in the kennels at Solace for Strays. A massive undertaking, especially with the enormous food bills! Not to mention the costs at the veterinaries. What also strikes me is how successfully she adopts out many animals, which in itself is a huge task. She is extremely well-connected and respected for her efforts. With all my heart, and for what I have seen, I simply cannot let Corina fail.

At present the shelter is in grave danger, about to close. Because its location is on city land and the city wants it back. She will have to evacuate the premises by May 2024. Through the help of fundraising, Corina was able to purchase and secure some private land. This way, located on private ownership property, this new shelter cannot be closed. However, she is still way short on funds for the construction and rebuilding of the kennels.

We must help Corina to keep going, with her vital work!

What is going on in Romania is unspeakable, especially for an EU country in the 21st century! It will take reform, education, and follow thru from the authorities. It is the law in Romania to sterilize and microchip one’s pets. But the law is disregarded and pets are deemed disposable. Instead of sterilizing, puppies are often dumped into the forest and alongside roads, garbage etc…The abuse they endure and the amount of abandoned pets has left me speechless.

It will take a lot of effort to bring about change! But change can be made, especially with exceptional people like Corina.