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The Painting: A Letter of Gratitude From Eva

By the end of 2023, our fundraising had become more and more trying. With the holidays around the corner, and the devastating inflation that affected and continues to affect many, donations were at a standstill, and bills for the care of the animals are growing more and more. During all that time, I had been trying to scrape together enough to pay for a website for, as well. Having a formal website was and is extremely important to convey our message, especially since we help and highlight those struggling shelters, for which such a platform is completely out of reach. Even after already digging deep into my retirement savings I couldn’t come up with enough money to make this project a priority. In a last-ditch effort to pay for this website, I remembered a painting that was given to me by my late father. This painting was once quite valuable, and my dad always said if I ever need money urgently, I could sell it. Although I am no stranger to life’s financial struggles, I always held on to this piece of art. Selling it, I always deemed “reaching rock bottom.” But now was the time to sell it, to pay for the site. After reaching out to a German Gallery that specializes in assessing the current value of this particular art, I learned that the price I once could fetch for it, was no longer a reality. The paintings’ value had completely decreased to a meager $300,- which was at one time in the thousands. I shared my disappointment with Dot Marketing and told them that again I had to put the project of the website on the back burner. A couple of weeks went by when I got an email from Jason from the Dot team. Checking out its contents, there was the structure of the website that he had created for! I was over the moon! It was the BEST PRESENT ever! Thanks to the team at Dot Marketing, led by owner Angela Wolter, we now have this website for you to stay informed. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the entire Dot Marketing team for supporting us in our cause to help the voiceless animals. Without them, this site would not have been possible!